The first building block on the path of creating the Ecotopia Universe was my feature film “Anna & Modern-Day Slavery“. Once I completed the project, I started wondering what was next for Anna. I knew that making another feature film would have been impossible at that time due to the lack of resources and my creative burnout. The only way I knew how to expand Anna’s story at that time was through short stories, which became known as Ecotopia Short Stories. Those were strongly influenced by the political unwillingness to tackle the environmental crisis we were already living in.

In the early 2000s, way before Ecotopia Universe was even on my mind, I created two characters, Maggie and Patrick, whom I loved deeply, but for years, I couldn’t find the right story for them. All that changed when I began working on 2 PPL short stories featuring Maggie and Patrick characters. I set the stories way into the future, in which the world they grew up in ceased to exist. That act of creative free-flowing helped me find the right structure for Maggie’s and Patrick’s impossible love story.

In 2021, I developed a multimedia art installation, “She/Her Wreaths”, which combines elements of physical sculpture, short stories, and animation. The idea for the project was inspired by the ancient symbols of Mother Earth/Motherhood, Womanhood and eco-feminism. She/Her Wreaths beautifully fit within the Ecotopia ecosystem.

In 2022, I started making environmental artistic documentaries, which add a visual element to the Ecotopian Universe. From those documentaries, an idea for a short reportage series emerged. “Another Way…” series depicts how small nature-driven, vegan and sustainable adjustments can be implemented in our daily lives and routines.

The last element that constructs the Ecotopia Universe is sustainability on a budget and in an urban environment blog, based on my journey of discovering and applying eco-minimalist lifestyle changes.

Ecotopia Universe is a multimedia project that aims at sharing how tiny changes can lead the way towards an environmentally sustainable future and how our small actions matter a lot and can force corporations and governments to reshape the future.