Ecotopia Universe “Anna and Modern Day Slavery”

Anna and Modern Day Slavery

In the old days, before the conscious revolution, the multinational corporations were extremely powerful. A small handful of them ran the show, playing God with human lives; exercising power and changing laws to their advantages to ensure that the status quo remained unchanged and unchallenged.

When the common people demanded change, the Corporations willingly went any distance to discredit the individuals or groups challenging their authority. No means or solutions were off limits to them.

A lot of the evidence from those days proves that many multi-national corporations were nothing less than organised and legalised mafias operating legally while maximising profits above everything else.

Corporate life was all about making the highest possible profits, regardless of the implications and consequences their actions had on society, the environment, human rights or the indigenous protectors of Mother Earth.

Some of the worst of the worst even demanded common people (the poor, not the 1%) started paying for the rain since they figured, for some reason only known to their sick minds, that the rain should be privatised. Of course, the corporations would charge people for every single drop.

To ensure that the people remained blind to their damaging and unethical ways, consumerism was introduced skillfully, and the corporations were blinding people with unnecessary gadgets, luring them into spending more and more.

In no time at all carefully crafted consumerism went into hyper-speed, exploiting people’s fragile egos by making them feel ashamed, guilty or fearful if they weren’t part of the buying and overspending public. Newly upgraded products were bombarding people all the time. Most of society was going crazy over the latest phones, cars and computers, participating in the game that no one could win in the long run.

Consumerism was draining human resources while creating one gigantic bubble of wants and debts bounded by fear, which had huge implications on people’s everyday lives and mental health.

Soon enough the extreme consumerism became too overwhelming for most of society. People just couldn’t keep up with gadgets updates, credit cards and loan repayments. The longing to unplug, become minimalistic and create a better and caring community was born out of fear, chaos and despair.

Unfortunately, the old ways left considerable divisions in society with very polarised needs and beliefs.

One group (the one that stayed in the Old World and has never been welcomed in the New World) was nationalistic, racist, xenophobic and in denial of everything that was good and progressive. Those people were angry, destructive and tried to prevent progress at all cost.

The backwards thinkers finally won the Old World with their hateful rhetoric’s. The corporate world and personal interest groups cemented their power. No one challenged them anymore, and no one dares to speak up, the fear is stronger than the need for change.

The right-wing nationalist parties & corporations joined forces against us, the Organization. The alliance was the only way the Old World’s order could survive against the power of consciousness.

We, the people of the New World, have nothing to do with the reality on the other side of the wall and unless the ones in power plan to change their ways of living we are not willing to engage with the Old World in any way.

We don’t see colour, race, gender or religion and fear doesn’t define us, making our world fairer and kinder. Our society allows people to grow in many ways without judgment, pressure and unobtainable expectations. We don’t cultivate the 1%, and we don’t champion win-lose scenarios. Our new world is all about win-win, collaboration and co-creation for the greater good of everyone, not just a few chosen individuals.

I’m fully aware that none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for Anna who started the Organization that evolved into what the New World is all about.

Anna’s first steps into the world of hacktivism and activism included leaking classified information to independent journalists who could get the truth in front of the general public. With time the leaked information grew in importance, and Anna’s last case changed the course of the entire planet.

It all started in Vienna. Anna accidentally overheard two men talking about a house just outside of the city, full of young girls. One of them bragged that each time he was in Vienna he only used that service. He loved the fact that the girls were very young and he could always find fresh “meat”. According to him, the girls were willing to do anything kinky as long as the client was willing to pay for that service. That very conversation sealed Anna’s fate.

I often wonder what kind of higher power made Anna go to that coffee shop at that exact time. That one small and, in a way, the insignificant decision was responsible for the creation of the New World anyone can so peacefully live in now.

In no time at all Anna was in her fighters mode digging, searching and checking any leads she could get her hands on. The break came through after days of intense work.

Danna who worked with Anna managed to get into that very brothel to spread her web while trying to dig some dirt, which at first seemed merely in vain. Until one day out of the blue, a driver called Sasha made contact with Anna, claiming that he was an ex-Ukrainian police officer currently driving for the Corporation. The corporation was a code name Anna assigned to that specific case. We now know that the name the traffickers used was the Syndicate. Everyone involved in the Syndicate had to wear a small item with a letter “S” engraved on it.

Sasha was an interesting character an ex-policeman who sold his soul to the mafia to support his sick daughter. Any person having to choose between the greater good of others and their own family will always without hesitation choose the family.

Not surprisingly Sasha was only willing to talk to Anna in exchange for a significant amount of money. Having no other leads, Anna agreed to his terms.

The meeting was scheduled to take place in Poland, which meant that Anna needed to recruit someone on the ground in Poland to meet Sasha.

Through her connections he found Pawel. Pawel was a very peculiar man, in need of constant excitement and adventures in life. He worked as a “private researcher” with a long history of working with non-profit and anti-establishment organisations. In practice, it meant that he was a hacker with strong connections to various underground movements.

Pawel’s assignment was to meet with Sasha in an abandoned house, and extract from him as much information about trafficking, crossing the border, money laundering and other operational details as he could.

From Anna’s diary we know that she suspected that Sasha was going to be eliminated afterwards, but as with anything worth fighting for, sacrifices had to be made. For Anna, Sasha was just one element of a gigantic puzzle she was trying to solve, and she was willing to go all the way to solve it.

Little Pawel knew that this very meeting sealed his faith forever. It’s usually the little things that we do in life, which influence our destinies the most, just like a pebble creating an avalanche.

Before we progress any further let me tell you a little bit more about the power struggle. It was never one person who was solely in charge of the country. It was usually a chain of people and dependencies coherently working together in a very shady, often illegal and unethical manner to keep the ones in power in power.

Once you looked closely at the authorities, corporations, influential people, they were like one living organism that couldn’t co-exist without all the other elements perfectly fitting in. That system of dependencies was called capitalism. As with any system, not everyone felt that it was working for the greater good of everyone. Capitalism gave people the illusion of choice. But in reality, common people had the minimal choice. The people had to believe in whatever they were told to believe in by the corporate media outlets. Corporate news was run by very few media giants in charge of creating the reality and bending the truth, whichever way was more convenient for them. The common people were shaped and modelled to fit whatever the 1% needed them to be at that very moment in history.

When Anna started the Organization, she didn’t want to change the political system or start a revolution. She aimed to make people aware of the true reality.

One of Anna’s strongest beliefs was that people who made the profit from illegal and unethical business didn’t deserve to have all that money and she was more than happy to give them the opportunity to share.

However what she didn’t realise was how much the greedy bastards loved every single penny of what they had and the idea of parting, even with the smallest amount, wasn’t going down too well.

Anna’s actions made some of the most unethical 1% seriously pissed off. A few of the most vocal power offenders got together and planned to conquer the ungodly habit Anna got attached to; a habit of taking money from the rich and putting it to good use.

You have to remember that Anna lived in the world where the wealthiest loved possessing heaps of money while feeling no social responsibility towards social equality or justice. Money and power were fuelling their daily existence without any consideration of what their actions were brought to the political, environmental or economic aspects of the global economy. Those few were ruthless and willing to do whatever it took to protect their status quo.

Anna naively thought that the only people who were going to come after her were the traffickers for exposing them. However, as we now know, she has mistaken all along. The traffickers didn’t care that much about her publications and her quest altogether. They were making millions of dollars by laundering money through legal investments in small businesses all over the world. Anna’s actions didn’t bother them as much as it bothered the 1%.

The 1% wanted Anna gone at all costs and as soon as possible. The trafficking ring saw an opportunity to cut a deal with the 1%. In exchange for peace between the business and the crime world, the traffickers agreed to take Anna out.

Now, decades later, we know that Sasha was a set up from the very start (Anna didn’t know any of this, and it took us quite a few years to put all the pieces together). He had a deal with his “friend” to turn Anna in, in exchange for his family safety.

As arranged Pawel met Sasha and got out from him as much information as Sasha wanted to share.

Aware of his fate Sasha sent Pawel a small parcel that included a DVD and a notebook with supposedly random numbers.

Upon receiving all this unexpected information, Anna knew she was onto something big. To decode Sasha’s notebook took Pawel and Anna quite some time. The connected dots lead them to one of the biggest human trafficking scandals in modern history. From that small notebook, they learned about the direct involvement of politicians, police officers and high public figures from every European country in the trafficking ring. Anna’s investigation also exposed various legal businesses working as a cover-up for the traffickers.

From those “legal businesses,” the money was further divided and shared amongst many businesses and business accounts. Sasha’s notebook also provided Anna with the exact locations of brothels and sex parties that took place across Europe.

The more the two of them discovered, the more Pawel started to realise that his life as he knew was coming to an end. As it usually is in life the hardest part for him was to say goodbye to the people he loved.

The Syndicate hired Sonia (Anna’s ex-partner) to do their dirty job. She was the only one who knew how to get to Anna. She was the one who helped her fake her death.

Sonia loved Anna dearly and was willing to do whatever it took to protect her, regardless of the price she was going to pay herself. She was found dead days after Anna’s escape from Poland.

Since the Syndicate was fully aware of Sonia’s attachment to Anna, her real job (of which she knew nothing about) was to lead them to Anna.

Of course, Sonia warned Anna that the Syndicate was onto her prompting Anna to move locations sooner than initially planned.

While Anna was getting ready to leave her location, Danna requested an urgent meeting. Danna got involved with one of the trafficked girls she met in Vienna. Often love makes people do stupid shit, and Danna was no different. She helped a young innocent Ukrainian girl to escape from the brothel risking blowing her cover.

Victoria was abused & used by many; she was raped on a daily basis and was a sex slave to a lot of influential people who genuinely believed that money could buy anything.

Victoria agreed to help Anna by sharing her experience with others. In a video interview she recorded for Anna she told the truth about her ordeal. But what she skilfully forgot to mention was that to survive she had to become an integral part of the Syndicate and she was tasked with infiltrating Anna’s Organization. Neither Anna nor Danna would have ever suspected Victoria. For them, she was just another victim of the sexual and psychological abuse.

The Syndicate proved to be much more sophisticated and organised than Anna gave them credit for. They had power, money and influence to do whatever they wanted to do. Our thorough research showed that Victoria wasn’t the only person hired by the Syndicate to infiltrate the Organization.

Pawel’s ex-girlfriend, Sophia, was well educated, smart but obsessed with spending and possessing. Pawel, on the other hand, was never interested in financial rewards of any kind.

When the Syndicate reached out to Sophia, she was not aware what kind of business they were in. She just couldn’t turn down the sweet deal the Syndicate offered her. The Syndicate agreed to pay off her outstanding debts if she brought Pawel in.

Sophia tried her best, but each time he slipped through her fingers. In the end, her body was found together with Sonia’s.

The Syndicate never left any witnesses and severely punished those who didn’t deliver the results expected of them. Sophia’s family was left with paying off her expensive taste. I don’t think Pawel knew what became of her before his time was up.

After discovering who Victoria was, Danna broke down into a million tiny pieces. She is still alive and a very active member of our community but her broken heart never truly healed.

Anna together with Pawel & Victoria reached the safe house on the Polish & German border where Anna finished her work before leaking the information.

Anna sincerely hoped that the revelation she dumped on the world would help people see and understand what was going on right under their noses.

Once the information was released, the three of them hit the road again, which unfortunately turned out to be the final journey for Anna & Pawel.