Ecotopia Universe “Katie’s Story”

My name is Katie Gerland, and I’m one of the early co-creators of the New World. Thank you for stopping by with an open mind and an open heart to hear my story. Hopefully, it will help you understand our peaceful existence.

The primary objective of the New World is to value people equally. Everyone is vital in our eco-system.

Every single member of our society contributes to our co-creation daily. Money, power and consumerism don’t represent our values and don’t define our everyday existence.

I know that the fake Gods, led by greed and selfishness are still strongly present in the Old World, which unfortunately keeps following the path of self-destruction detesting everything that is different and innovative. In a desperate attempt to cling to their diminishing power The Old World’s authority, willingly and willfully, are destroying every single progressive thought that would allow change.

Every time I jump over the wall, it saddens me to see all those people who decided to stay having to fight for survival on a daily basis. I wonder when people from the Old World will finally know that life can be excellent and exciting without fear, obsession with money and hunger for not only food but also the spiritual leadership and guidance. The mental confusion, so many millions experience daily, is what the Old World’s establishment exploits by feeding people with daily doses of fear. Fear makes people incapable; fear is consuming skilfully cutting out connections between family members, friends and communities.

It always makes me happy to know that over the years thousands of people from the other side of the wall have become our citizens. In our New World, we welcome everyone who is ready to come and join us in the co-creation of new living standards and global awareness.

Please do remember that it took a lot of people and many personal sacrifices to build what we have now.

Our society can only get better as long as we work together, listen to one another, respect our differences and renounce personal greed for social equality and justice.

The political upheavals of 2016 helped us create our world. Those of you, who still remember that year, know how important that time of awakening was for Anna and the Organization Anna started. That very year Anna cracked the sex trafficking mafia operating across Europe, giving the Organization a much-needed push to position itself as an opposition to the neo-Nazi and far right-wing rhetoric that were attracting people who were tired of the neo-liberal politics.

In real life, people are hardly ever prepared for unexpected and unpredictable change. The Organization was no different and within a short period needed to take on much more than Anna ever predicted or was ready for.

Right away the Organization began to influence progressive social movements to re-shape the future for the many, not just a few.

Progress was our only future, a future without far-right philosophies and unequal blood-sucking capitalism.

I don’t think that changing the political order was what Anna had in mind when she set up the Organization. She aimed to bring greater awareness to every single person on Earth, which in itself was an impossible task.

I know that some people are not ready to wake up from the reality of fear and anger and our New World respects that, we don’t force our beliefs on others. Awakening is a process, which can only begin from within when the person or a group of people are genuinely ready to change.

I have always considered myself the lucky one. Since I was a small kid, I had the financial support to focus on my inner growth. I was brought up in a very privileged home; mostly unaware of what the world outside of my bubble looked like.

I attended various boarding schools, which robbed me of an emotional connection to my family. However, deep in my soul I desperately craved for connection and closeness. I figured having children would give me just that.

I got pregnant while at University studying economics and my graduation; I was a single mom with two kids living off my parents’ generosity.

Soon enough I realised that being a stay at home mum wasn’t for me and I decided that my place was in the frontline of the global social change.

I started my social journey by extensively researching philosophy, politics and anthropology.

I wanted to know if it was possible to change capitalism into another political system that could benefit everyone by allowing people to thrive, not merely survive from paycheck to paycheck. I was eager to learn and willing to do whatever it took to fight for my beliefs. Of course, I wasn’t going to change the course of the world single-handedly, but luckily there were others just like me. I knew that if we were able to join forces, we could build something long-lasting.

Slowly an idea grew in me, and a belief that life is and could be much more than it is for the majority.

That idea evolved over many sleepless nights allowing me to formulate my thoughts and deepest desires for the New World.

My academic research followed the physical training, which gave me confidence in combat and my physical abilities.

On my journey, I was lucky enough to meet numerous underground artists of different crimes. A few of those people saved my ass on many occasions.

Apart from sharing a similar vision of the New World, we were all willing to sacrifice a lot to get what we wanted for humanity.

Through my new underground friends, I found out about Anna and her bold actions exposing corruption like no one else has done it before. In no time at all, I became obsessed with her and her activism.

However, it took me quite some time to track her down she had moved a lot to stay off the radar.

Our first and only meeting was perfectly timed. We were both ready and strong enough to welcome the new challenges life was just about to throw at us.

Just before we got together, Anna leaked a very well documented case against a human trafficking ring operating across Europe, which exposed the Syndicate, a secret umbrella organisation, run by the mafia, corporations and corrupted politicians.

Anna’s revelations should have been an eye-opener for anyone with the slightest sliver of intelligence, but it wasn’t. Once again, it was treated by the mainstream media as yet another horrible thing that is ‘happening to someone else but has nothing to do with our way of living’. Back then the established media were in 24/7 competition with the new media that sprung on the Internet and were fuelled by the Internet publishing the news regardless of whether it was true or not. The serious journalism together with the extended work of investigative journalism was lost and forgotten in exchange for quick unimportant gossips and misleading fear-driven headlines. Unfortunately, Anna’s trafficking case left the media stream sooner than it entered the stage.

This case was Anna’s last. But for us, it was our first step towards building the foundations for the New World.

Soon after our initial meeting Anna was captured and tortured. When I finally managed to find her, she was rotting away, drugged in a mental institution in London.

As the leader of a small anti-establishment movement, I wasn’t afraid of using any available means to get what we wanted as long as no one got hurt. I got Anna out using an old-fashion way of getting things done that is still the most common practice in the Old World, bribery.

Unfortunately, I got her out only to see her die in my arms. Though she could not speak, I knew exactly what she was thinking, feeling and wanted me to do. And I made my promise then and there. The promise that I was going to do whatever it took to make the New World a reality.

By the time I got Anna out, Pawel (her close and last accomplice who helped her crack the trafficking case) was already dead while Victoria (the girl Anna believed she was saving from the traffickers) was celebrating her victory over Anna and the Organization. Betraying Anna allowed Victoria to become a full member of the Syndicate. Yes, Victoria, the scared, innocent young girl was the fucking traitor who got Anna and Pawel killed.

However, what she didn’t take into account was that the Organization would not only bounce back but become stronger than ever before. You see, the Syndicate thought that Anna was the Organization, where in fact her ideas were what got people excited and worked together for one common goal, collective society, the society with no place for the Syndicate.

Anna always worked with people who were safe, people who were either recommended to her or people she researched adequately enough. Ironically (if someone is into irony) Anna’s lack of judgment in Victoria’s case changed the course of this world.

Victoria got what she deserved for her betrayal. I do hope she suffered more from Tatiana’s hands than she would if the Syndicate got her. Yes, I broke my rule of non-violence but a lot of people on the other side of the wall only respond to violence and Victoria was not any different. I do understand that she needed to survive but so did we.

You probably wonder how we managed to create our society.

Before Anna was captured, she sent a small package to me, which was only to be opened if something had happened to her. It took us quite a long time to figure out what the riddle meant, but once we did, we found a guide out of the darkness.

I don’t think Anna herself wrote the book our society treasures beyond anything else. I’m more than confident that somehow “The Guide” came to her possession accidentally. Knowing the value of “The Guide”, she kept it for better years to come and the better years did come.

“The Guide” is what has been guiding our developing and always evolving world.

The following year (2017) our Organization came afloat as the most significant opposing force to the rotten social, and political system that was turning all of us into one cancer sicken society either supporting neo-Nazis, ultra-right populist policies or trapped in the corrupted corporate system because there was no other alternative.

Once Anna was gone, I stepped up and became the face of the Organization, merging my small movement with the Organization. As it happens with forwarding thinkers, the establishment hated me for the ideas I represented including my determination to make lasting positive and progressive change.

Together with some of the corrupted mainstream media, they tried their best to undermine me and discredit our Organization in every possible way. But somehow they couldn’t take us down. I think the general public was tired of games, manipulations and insecurities that the establishment was serving people with on a daily basis. People found strength in numbers and loudly started demanding change. Those countries that were not following change and progress suffered the ultimate defeat. They stayed on the other side of the wall, on the dark side of our most significant conscious evolution.

We believe that people in the Old World live in the dark ages. As difficult as it is we do need to accept peoples choices, and we cannot force anyone to be part of our conscious, co-creative civilisation. Everyone is welcome on our side of the wall as long as they are willing to give up corruption, longing for power and accept respect and growth as the essential virtues of our progressive co-existence.

Don’t get me wrong I’m far from perfect. I’m not proud of all the harsh decisions I made to protect our way of living. I undertook a huge task that came with an even more significant responsibility that this job required of me. I needed to be adaptable, forward-thinking and creative in many ways even when I was scared shitless.

Now my primary objective is to protect our way of living from the dark forces that tend to creep up when one is not paying attention.

I know that the people on the other side of the wall are still trying hard to discredit our conscious society, claiming that our system is totalitarian and doesn’t allow much room for error. We have plenty of room for errors and improvements. The whole system has been built on errors, mistakes and failures. Look at the countries we left on the other side of the wall. It seems that their leaders make one mistake after another while trying to correct the previous errors without even admitting that they had made any. The Old World politicians usually blame the mistakes on someone (foreigners) or something (different religious beliefs) else but themselves. Unfortunately, the masses in the Old World still believe the same bullshit the establishment has been serving them for decades.

In the New Word, we are not aiming at perfection. We are aiming at constant progress and evolution consciously.

The human experience on the other side of the wall is based on consuming more, spending more and being part of the wealthiest 1% while trying to diminish the urgent problems and issues both our worlds are facing such as pollution that doesn’t recognise borders or diminishing natural recourses.

We try to be conscious of our decisions and choices, unlike the Old World leaders.

I still don’t believe that Anna was thinking about the social revolution when she started out. However, I was thinking of one when I took over the Organization.

We gave every country, every government an opportunity to either join us or stay behind. Some joined us; some stayed behind. Those who stayed behind decided to build a wall to physically divide us to make their fear-mongering campaign powerful enough. Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown made many millions of people stay behind the wall. Sometimes fear is stronger than the need to grow, change and evolve.

Luckily, there are still some brave souls in the Old World willing to leap of faith to get to know our way of living. If they don’t like our ways they can go back to the Old World, there is no pressure, no punishment and no fear.

We will never change our progressive ways to accommodate fear or terror. Immerse yourself in our conscious living and spread the joy that each day brings.

Welcome to the New World of Ecotopia.