Mother Earth and Motherhood Symbolism

The roots of symbols of Mother Earth, often representing motherhood as well, are strongly present in countless cultures around the world.


Since a circle doesn’t have either a beginning or an end, embodying the eternal circle of life (birth, death, and rebirth), it represents motherhood and symbolises fertility. The circle also suggests family ties and closeness with a loving and protective embrace of a mother.


The turtle cannot be separated from its shell, just like humans cannot be separated from all their harm done to Mother Earth.

The Native American folk legend talks about the turtle, who saved all humanity from the Great Flood. The turtle embodies Maka, the eternal Earth Mother, who patiently and without complaining carries humanity on her back. Native Americans trust that the turtle will protect humanity as long as humans look after Mother Earth.

The thirteen sections of the turtle’s underbelly represent thirteen moons linked to the lunar cycles and mighty female energies and vibrancy.

Celtic Motherhood Knot

The Celtic Motherhood Knot or Celtic Mother’s Knot symbol represents Madonna and Child and their shared deep, unbreakable, eternal bond of love.

Triskele // Triple Spiral

The Triskele is associated with many ancient cultures. However, its use and representation in the Celtic culture have been the most prominent. Triskele illustrates the Mother Goddess and three stages of womanhood: maiden – innocent and pure, mother – compassionate and nurturing, and crone – old, experienced and wise.

Triple Goddess

The symbol of the Triple Goddess has been used in Neopagan and Wiccan culture, which worships nature and earth.

The full moon represents a nurturing mother (responsibility, love, fertility, nourishment, patience, gratitude). In contrast, the two crescent moons symbolise the maiden (new beginnings, purity, pleasure, creation, naivety) and the crone (endings, death, acceptance, wisdom). With every beginning, there must be an end.

Triple Goddess is very similar to the representation of Mother Goddess in the Celtic culture.


The Tapuat, also referred to as “the journey”, is the Hopi symbol for mother and child. The centre of the labyrinth symbolises the centre of life. The lines in the Tapuat serve as our umbilical cords to the eternally attentive and protective eyes of the Mother.

Lakshmi Yantra

Lakshmi Yantra is a Hindu symbol. Lakshmi is the mother of all kindness. She represents great wealth, beauty, grace, happiness, glory, and charisma. She also assists with enlightenment and spiritual growth.