She/Her Wreaths

Photo by Stephen Blunt

Magda Olchawska created a suspended sculpture composed of willow circles, natural and artificial materials, dry flowers, and single-use plastic. Drawing on the tradition of Ecofeminism, Olchawska links the mistreatment of the planet’s resources with the abusive nature of the patriarchal, capitalistic economy.

Olchawska uses the non-recyclable elements to indicate the linear exploitive trajectory humanity has engaged Earth’s finite recourses since the industrial revolution. The plastic symbolises the ease of use to the throwaway culture and the implications lasting for hundreds of years.

The circular shape has always been associated with no beginning or an end and symbolises motherhood and Gaia. Wreaths represent eternity and date back to ancient civilisations.

In our culture, the wreath is often associated with Christmas, a time of sharing and giving, which became a time of excessive consumption over the past few decades. Olchawska uses the natural components to emphasise the connection humans have to Earth through working with raw materials.

Exhibition: London Metropolitan University – Aldgate Dec. 2021