Ecotopia Universe “So It Begins”


Journalist: Thank you so much for meeting with me. I know you didn’t have to agree to our meeting. We both live on opposite sides of the wall and for obvious reasons our worldviews clash.

A. I like talking to young, open-minded people who are willing to ask questions before forming an opinion. Besides my hope for the brighter future of humanity is people like you. Personally, I would like to thank you for your courage to come to our world, talk to me and show your people our accomplishments working for everyone, not only a few chosen once.

Q: I’ll try to do my best.

A: This is how real change starts; by trying to do your best under any given circumstances.

Q: Before we begin our formal interview is there anything you would like to share with my readers, something that is yours and yours only.

A: I hope that my story will challenge people’s deepest beliefs. If one doesn’t want to be challenged or step outside of the comfort zone, I’m begging you, put the text down. Walk away if you want to avoid your life turning upside down.

However, if you are ready and eager for change, keep on reading and imagine the complexity of life that you are experiencing right now as it slowly shifts away. The overwhelming fear you experience every single day dissolves for good, never to return.

The confusing ways of the Old World have blinded many millions of people.

What the New World is offering is kindness, simplicity and community to people who are willing to support anyone no matter what as long as the newcomers accept the lifestyle Ecotopia offers.

Q: Who set up the Organization who was the fundamental block in constructing the New World?

A: Anna was the brave soul who started her quest to change the world for better by leaking “sensitive” and classified information to the public. She believed that her actions had to be empowering towards the greater good of all with emphasis on the vulnerable, disabled and marginalised individuals.

Anna’s selfless actions changed and re-shaped the world forever.

She was a fighter, our fighter before she even knew how much her life choices were going to influence the history and our New World.

Q: Do you still remember how society operated in the Old World?

A: That Old World and social structure were slowly moving towards its collapse and destruction. The unfair, corrupted to the core system it was built on was shaking from the top to the bottom desperately holding onto the remains of the power it once possessed. However, no building has ever lasted when the base is rotten and ready to collapse.

Q: How did Anna feel about the social rules that have been in place in the Old World for generations?

A: Anna never cared about the rules that much; she barely cared for herself. However, she genuinely cared about the social change that, in her opinion, was inevitable. With each action, Anna took, the door to the New World was slowly beginning to open until the tsunami of change was unstoppable. Not many were ready for that kind of change. In 2016 people weren’t as evolved and sophisticated as everyone wanted to believe they were.

Luckily amongst those sleepy, angry, nationalistic movements, a new hope started to blossom, powered by the dreamers and believers in a better, fairer world. From today’s perspective I know it was just the beginning of the great awakening, so many generations worked towards. I was fortunate and blessed to be one of the first people called to action.

Q: How did you meet Anna?

A: Thanks to Anna I was able to unleash this unstoppable power within me to do things I never dreamt I could do or accomplish.

When I met her, I was broken into a million pieces. I had just got back from yet another refugee camp. My campaigns, appeals, begging for money did not affect anyone anymore. Kids were hungry and angry, parents helpless, mothers turning tricks to survive in the war-torn countries. Refugee camps weren’t able to sustain the number of people fleeing the oppression and unrest that consumed so many parts of the world. By the age of 30, I had seen enough suffering to last me for a thousand lifetimes.

My life became all about yet another meeting, yet another coffee filled with broken promise before the meeting was even over. I came to resent people. The only thing I could see in them was lies, deceit and selfishness. I kept asking myself over and over again when did we become so consumed by our importance, when did the plague of greed erupt? Even if I wanted to receive the smallest grant for my quest I had to become part of the decay I was so disgusted by.

Then one day I saw Anna sitting across from me in the coffee shop. Her posture, the way she drank her coffee and licked her lips captured my attention instantly. I could not help myself but be drawn to her. I could feel she was my kind of girl. I just couldn’t resist her intense, confident energy. Gathering all my inner strength, I walked up to her. Once we started chatting, she had me wrapped around her little finger in minutes if not seconds. Her voice was soft and passionate at the same time; listening to her story, I knew I was willing to do anything she wanted me to do.

Each time I think back to that meeting more and more I’m convinced that Anna found me, not the other way round. She must have felt that something was coming to an end and she needed her story to live on in the hope that one day it could inspire people to take a gigantic leap of faith and act.

Q: What happened after that meeting?

A: Soon after our meeting a strongly progressive group of people loudly and with a very cleverly built social outreach plan started demanding change, benefiting 99% of society.

As with any social awaking half of the society wanted positive change, the other half wanted to go back in time and stay in the past. Part of me understands that people are scared of change I’m often afraid of the unknown too. However, we all know that no progress can be made without improving the present and challenge the perceived norms. Besides for our race to survive and develop we need to accommodate the change.

Just before Anna went missing, she caused some severe damage to the already wobbly structure of the world. I still call her revelation “the truth attack”, which for many was the last straw before they finally stopped sleepwalking. That very unsettling information Anna presented society with was ultimately what divided Earth into two: two Earths, two consciousness, and two sets of beliefs.

No one ever expected that the truth could be the catalyst for the long-overdue revolution. The people who hold power often forget that there is a limit to oppression people are willing to endure before breaking free. You see, the most fantastic aspect of our revolution was that everything we accomplished wasn’t accomplished by a global war or morally corrupted global leaders dicks competition. It was the truth that got us where we are now.


Q: Do you know anything about Anna’s past or childhood that created in her this strong desire to change the World?

A: Ever since Anna was a small kid she developed a keen interest in knowing how things worked. That thirst for knowledge was her driving force as well as her escape from the reality of her daily life.

Anna’s top priority, from the moment she could formulate her own opinions, was to be independent and out of her mother’s abusive house as fast as she possibly could.

You probably wonder why a young child would want to be out of her family home so badly. A child’s instinct is to be with her parents, be loved and adored. However, Anna never felt loved by her mom, who sadly never connected to her. There were no kisses, no hugs, no physical display of the love a small child needs on a daily basis to sustain their emotional needs. Instead, there was a lot of domestic and sexual abuse, which Anna endured throughout her childhood from the hands of her mother’s second husband. For Anna the abuse her stepfather served her with for years wasn’t as disturbing and painful as the fact that her mother wasn’t willing or capable of protecting her child from the vengeance of a perfidious paedophile. Her mother knew about the abuse all along and did nothing only kept quiet for fear of her beloved husband leaving her for someone else if she decided to protect her child. Anna never forgave her for that.

Anna’s childhood was dark and full of monsters. Like most kids in her situation, Anna gave up trying to find help from the adults, who never believed her stories anyway. Her stepfather was a good Christian and generous supporter of the Catholic school Anna attended.

Pretty soon it became clear to Anna that adults only wanted to believe in their truths. Anything that was outside of their bubble of acceptance was a lie, especially if came from a child.

Instead of trying to find help, Anna kept on taking the abuse while focusing on gaining knowledge and using her intelligence to her advantage. From an early age, she decided to use her energy to the right and focused way to break free finally.

She was a lonely child and often kept her distance from other kids. Luckily she wasn’t bullied since she was a very skilled video gamer. Boys admired her and girls wanted to be like her to have all the boys’ attention she had, for which, she didn’t care. Of course, Anna was not an angel, and when the right time came, she got her perfect revenge on anyone who made her childhood unbearable.

At University Anna was the crème de la crème amongst the IT students, started three years earlier than everyone else. Around that time she made a promise to herself to only use her skills for the greater good of society. Anna never cared for money and status much; personal gain was never her objective.

It wasn’t a surprise when at the age of 19, European Union Cyber Security approached her with a job offer she just couldn’t refuse.

During the many years she worked in Brussels she observed how deals were made without considering the good or will of the people, nature or animals. Don’t be mistaken by thinking it was only the EU making unethical deals. As long as they could get away with it, every single country was making, proposing and pushing through immoral policies. The multi-national corporate conglomerates were what most local and international politicians were accountable to. No amount of explaining, fact-checking and protesting was good enough for the hardcore corrupted members of the political establishment. Just let me make it clear here; Anna felt she was a European citizen willing and ready to fight for a united Europe to the very end, unlike many other individuals eagerly awaiting and cheering for the collapse of the block. However, that didn’t stop her from seeing corruption where it should not be.

As a child, Anna was voiceless and had no choice but to take the abuse. As a grown woman she was not willing to take any abuse directed towards her or anyone else for that matter. Unethical governance representing the interests of a small group of people was not something Anna was ready to stand for.

She set up the Secret, by authorities sometimes called illegal, Organization in protest to the political and economic powers that were unfairly exercised over millions of human lives in a corrupted manner by the very politicians the everyday people chose to represent them. Fighting fire with fire was the only way Anna felt she could succeed in the long run.

When Anna started her small revolt, she couldn’t have possibly imagined that it was just the beginning of the great awakening that got us to where we are now.


Q: Can you tell us what sort of information Anna had access to and was able to leak?

A: One of Anna’s first leaks documented the real deals the multi-national food corporations were forced into place by either bribery or threats within the European Union countries. She didn’t shy away from giving the real names of the real people behind those dangerous and life-threatening deals. Thanks to that particular leak Anna took down quite a toxic number of individuals who ended up locked away for years. However, for Anna, the punishment was never severe enough.

For a long time, she published classified information as the only way to expose the lies and the real connections between lobbies representing corporations and governments passing favourable corporate laws.

Over the years her leaks had severe consequences to a lot of the journalists she worked with who started getting arrested and harassed for publishing the truth, which back then was considered a security threat.

The security of the Western Nations was nothing more than a slogan used to make sure that the fear of the unknown was always present amongst the ordinary folk. When it comes to gaining control over people, there is no better weapon than fear. If you live in fear every single day, you can’t do anything constructive, anything positive; you can’t possibly inspire or bring change; fear won’t allow you to have enough brain space for other thoughts but fear. Fear is a perfect tool when used with great precision by many governments and corporate powers alike.

Under her Super Hero armour, Anna was still a human and one day she just couldn’t endanger others she considered friends anymore. She made up her mind to disappear for good to continue her work in hiding without getting people she cared for in trouble.

The decision to fake her death coincided with a huge scandal Anna was about to unleash, involving several top political figures from European and Asian countries who allowed one global corporation to dispose of chemical toxins in the lakes and rivers that in turn directly affected the daily lives of millions of unsuspecting Europeans.

Q: What did the beginnings of the Organization look like?

A: The initial members of the Organization were scattered on three different continents, working 24/7 and living in improbable places, devoting their lives to raising awareness in the hope that one-day humanity would wake up from their deep slumber.

Change needed to happen in the world in the most unassuming and organic way. Forced change/revolution usually brings too much collateral damage.

Under Anna’s guidance, the Organization’s primary objective became. The longer the Organization operated, the better reputation it gained in the anti-establishment underground world, which in turn helped Anna recruit more members and reach more social outlets with her revelations.

Sometimes the Organization worked with someone once. Anna’s decision was never personal; it was merely the way she protected the people who worked with her. She also wanted to keep the Organization small, no records, no meetings, no familiar places, and no real names, which turned out to be the strength of the Organization in the long run.

Anna strongly believed in shock therapy and was hoping against hope that the people reading or watching her terrifying revelations would somehow gain enough awareness to demand change. Sometimes her methods worked; other times it didn’t pick up the speed Anna hoped for.

That very same small, unassuming Organization Anna set up helped us create the New World, a much better world that I have been building for the past 50 years.

I firmly believe we are just starting to spread our wings. I won’t be around to live to see what you, the young generation is going to accomplish but people like you are our hope that one day Earth will be united once again.

Q: Was Sonia one of the founders of the Organization?

A: When Anna still worked for the EU her girlfriend Sonia worked for the Syndicate, that a few years later got Anna killed.

Sonia’s objective from the very start of their relationship was to keep an eye on Anna. Yes, the Syndicate knew what Anna was up to almost from the very beginning.

No one knows how the love affair began, but Sonia fell madly, if not obsessively, in love with Anna.

Before Sonia helped Anna fake her death her orders were to dispose of Anna. Sonia skillfully covered all tracks leading back to Anna.

Deep down in her heart, Sonia hoped, against her better judgment that Anna was going to go into hiding and stay put. But Anna had other plans and in her plans hiding away was not an alternative.

Anna was Sonia’s everything. Sonia was Anna’s escape. In normal circumstances that relationship would have never worked but for a short while they were both very happy together.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add before we end our interview?

A: Anna gave up her own life so we could live in a world where truth prevails over power and money.

Don’t be scared, come and join us as long as you don’t bring your old baggage with you.

Q: Thank you.

A: Thank you, my dear.