Photo by Kai Dörner on Unsplash

About Ecotopia Universe

Ecotopia Universe was born out of my fear of human incapability to stop the out-of-control consumption and destruction of natural resources. 

The stories in Ecotopia Universe are firmly rooted in the current state of the World and the ongoing fight between the progressive and regressive ideas wrecking our civilisation’s social fabric, the environment and non-renewable natural resources around us.

Ecotopia Universe is divided into the New World, also called Ecotopia, where progressive ideas thrive, and the Old World also called the Corporate World.

The whole concept for the new social equality, present in Ecotopia, was built on deep respect towards the environment, sustainable lifestyle and individual’s talents and creativity. 

The Old World represents an opposite set of values and instantly kills every single progressive idea that goes against Old World’s outdated beliefs. The Corporate World is built on rigid, but deeply rooted beliefs about how society should function with a strong focus on repression of gender and sex equality, and everything that cannot be controlled.

The world’s division was instigated by the Corporate Government, which valued status and money above the need to save the planet for future generations. The Eco-Warriors, who build Ecotopia, rebelled against the Corporate short-sighted policy that put Earth’s future existence in question.

The Old World and its repressive regime reduced its citizens to terrified zombies whose only purpose are to keep the Above, and it’s chosen 1% afloat. 

The idea of moving the chosen few to the Above was coined by the Corporate Government when their slice of Earth ran out of resources. The Above tries hard to imitate and offer the lifestyle the 1% had before the revolution and was promised to uphold once the revolution was over.

However, with depleting reserves unrest is starting to brew on the outskirts of the Old World.  

Ecotopia Universe is deeply ingrained in the World’s lack of consistent implementation of environmental protection policies. The World leaders, the big corporations and even the citizens turn a blind eye and encourage mindless consumption.

Even though Ecotopia offers an alternative lifestyle and conscious society that is much more in harmony with nature and Earth, pollution and ecological devastation don’t know borders. Something we all have to remember!

Although the Old World build a wall between the two to stop people defecting to the New World, the pollution their selfish actions produced couldn’t be stopped by any wall.  When pollution finally reached the Ecotopian shores, Maggie, one of the leading creators of Ecotopia, had to take decisive actions and plan for the evacuation of the Ecotopians to another planet or change the course of history in a different way. 

Some of the Ecotopian short stories drift between the division of the World, some stories cover the Ecotopian life, and some scripts go way into the future.

Since Ecotopia is a continually evolving project, the Universe will grow for sure, so watch this space for more writing to come and join the tribe to be updated on what is going on in the Ecotopian Universe.

Happy exploring.