Ecotopia Short Stories

Download the pdf versions of “Ecotopia Universe Short Stories”

Ecotopia Universe “Anna and Modern Day Slavery”

If it weren’t for Anna, her determination and dedication the Ecotopia Universe would never come to be. She was the driving force for change, equality and progressive justice.

Ecotopia Universe “Katie’s Story”

Don’t get me wrong I’m far from perfect. I’m not proud of all the harsh decisions I made to protect our way of living. I undertook a huge task that came with an even more significant responsibility that this job required of me. I needed to be adaptable, forward-thinking and creative in many ways even when I was scared shitless.

Ecotopia Universe “So It Begins”

Anna was Sonia’s everything. Sonia was Anna’s escape. In normal circumstances that relationship would have never worked but for a short while they were both very happy together.

Ecotopia Universe “With Love, Anna”

I know that most people in my position would have chosen the comfort of the everyday routine, but the nagging, dissatisfaction bordering on depression was too overwhelming to let it slip unnoticed into the realms of never-ending darkness.

Download the pdf versions of “Ecotopia Universe Short Stories”