Photo by Kai Dörner on Unsplash

Welcome to the Ecotopia Universe, and thanks for stopping by. 

On this website, you will find:

Ecotopia Universe short stories, rooted in the ongoing fight between what we know is the right cause of action to combat the environmental crisis versus a linear profit-driven economy that neglects its impact on the ecosystem’s future. Ecotopia Universe is deeply ingrained in the lack of consistent environmental protection policies. Unfortunately, the world leaders and the big corporations still turn a blind eye to the Earth’s suffering. 

The Ecotopia short stories portray a scenario of the world that could come to be if globally we prevail in the inaction towards the environmental crisis.

She/Her Wreaths is a physical and digital installation that draws on the tradition of Ecofeminism, linking the mistreatment of the planet’s resources with the abusive nature of the patriarchal, capitalistic economy.

In the blog section, you will find a lot of helpful hands-on information about eco-minimalism and my eco-minimalistic journey, as well as tips on how to implement sustainable changes into your life on a budget.