Ecotopia Universe Stories

Ecotopia Universe

The New World embodies all that is good in people and what humans are capable of. Co-existing peacefully with nature and each other is the Ecotopian motto. 

Unfortunately, the Old World represents the dark side of the human soul. Implementing immense repressive powers, the Corporate Government got themselves into a corner having used 90% of their non-renewable resources. 

Ecotopia Universe is my take on what the future Earth may look like if we don’t stop mindless consumption and exploitation of natural resources destroying the planet.

2 People: In the Old World

Maggie is a revolutionary leader of Ecotopia and on the wanted list in the Old World.

However, to find her missing children she needs to go to the other side of the wall where the Old World’s regime keeps a tight grip on the remains of the once-mighty culture. She enlists her old flame Patrick, an important army figure in the Old World, to help with her quest.

Read Maggie and Patrick’s story to find out what will happen to them and the kids in the Old World.

Ecotopia Short Stories

“For most of my adult life, I honestly thought that life was supposed to be confusing, unfocused and full of unfulfilled dreams. But I was wrong, so very wrong.”

Indulge your soul in the Ecotopia short stories.