We all have heard this saying probably a million times under many different circumstances, and each time, most likely, it referred to something else. For me trying to produce as little waste as possible, which requires finding sustainable swaps, is empowering and has been helping me out throughout the whole pandemic. Focusing on something positive as well as something outside of myself feels empowering.

I know that there are many voices out there, especially from the climate deniers who believe, shout, bully and scream that everything is fine with the world and our natural environment (the soaring temperatures across the globe are fine).

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Those individuals and organisations want to make others believe that our small actions won’t matter and won’t change anything (anyway, there is nothing wrong, so why change, right?).

Those people only aim at disempowering us with their bullying and tantrums. Hence, doing what we believe is right for us and the environment at this moment in time has so much power, and bullies are terrified of people who feel empowered.

Greta Thunberg started a global movement, connected with young people, and made climate change an essential part of the global conversation. If she ever believed the bullies that her “small” actions didn’t matter, she would have never begun the school strike in the first place. Thanks to her efforts, there has been much more focus on the environment (now concrete actions are needed from communities, governments, and businesses), and many young people are pressuring their parents and governments to change their unsustainable habits. Learning about eco-minimalism, zero waste, and circular economy gave me the incentive to change my ways and strive to be a much better version of myself.

I feel that the empowerment comes not only from taking small actions, which, if taken by enough people, will lead to global change, but also from knowledge. For instance, recycling is still confusing, even though we all have been doing this for a long, long time. But knowing how and what gets recycled is vital to avoid items ending up in landfill, which didn’t have to end up there. Yet, I still see people, including my son, putting the wrong things in the recycling bin.

Knowing why some clothing brands are so cheap and being aware that those items won’t be reused or resold in charity shops might make some people more mindful of their shopping choices.

Of course, the corporations, which business models are solely based on consumer spending don’t really want to empower consumers, don’t want them to gain knowledge that would turn them into conscious consumers. It’s not in the corporate best interests, but in ours and the generations that come after us.

Luckily, easy access to information helps activists and bloggers spread the sustainability and eco-minimalism gospel, while empowering millions of people to take appropriate steps towards change. We all know that education leads to a better life. Learning how to live sustainably, grasping the knowledge leading to positive change for us all should be as easily accessible as learning how to read and write.

So, empower yourself with knowledge and don’t let the trolls spoil your quest for a better and more conscious, greener future. The time to act is now; we cannot wait any longer, the Earth cannot wait any longer.

PS. Watch WALL-E if you want to have an idea of what might happen when consumption takes over common sense and survival instincts.

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