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On My Zero Waste Journey Off, I Go Part 2

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I’ve been busy in June trying out a bunch of new sustainable swaps. Not all of them have proven to be as good as I would have hoped for. But since I treat my journey as a learning curve, I’m flexible to try out swaps, and if I consider them not usable or not up to my standards, I’m happy to swap the swaps.

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

My June’s swaps included:

  • New bio-degradable washing up sponge, which I love. It took some time getting used to the size and texture, but now I cannot believe I haven’t used it all my life.
  • Beeswax wrapping paper – well, my son doesn’t like having his sandwiches wrapped in beeswax paper. He says that they get soggy, which isn’t entirely true because we have tested it. So instead, we experimented with using beeswax to wrap up cheese, but the cheese dried out. I need to look for an alternative for his school lunch sandwiches and possibly buy another beeswax paper. In all honesty, I don’t think the one I got is that good. (Maybe buying beeswax paper on Amazon isn’t such a good idea. The texture didn’t feel the same as the beeswax paper I found in zero waste shops.)
  • Reusable freezer bags – my hubby used a lot of the cling film to wrap around his sliced meat before sticking it in the freezer. But since I got the reusable freezer bags, he made the transition quickly and easily. The freezer bags aren’t the easiest to wash and dry, but we don’t mind the slight inconvenience if it means less trash.
  • I’ve tried to use the Mooncup, but it’s not for me. However, I’ve ordered reusable sanitary pads from eBay, waiting for delivery, and I’ve used the Modibodi underwear, which I love. I’m planning to order more. It’s on the pricy side but I’m going to split the costs by ordering one pair of undies a month. The packaging is compostable and arrives by post, so I won’t feel mega guilty about the orders.
  • I bought two different shampoos from two different zero-waste shops, and both are usable. That is a big relief because the shampoo was something I struggled to replace for a long time.
  • The LastSwab Reusable Cotton Bud – it’s ok, though not as good as the ordinary cotton buds. I plan to try another brand to see if it suits me better. But for now, LastSwab does the job.
  • As a family, we finally braved the new world of toothpaste haunting and got a jar from the zero waste shop called Ben & Anna. Unfortunately, neither of us likes the taste so we will keep experimenting with other brands.
  • I nearly stopped using paper towels altogether and swapped them for biodegradable washing machine and dishwasher washable cloths, which I love!!!!
  • I started buying package-free soap from zero waste shops. It’s slightly cheaper than soap in boxes or plastic.
  • My husband began using containers for buying meat and cold cuts. He was pleasantly surprised that our local shop accommodated his request. This one activity cuts down on our single used plastic significantly.
  • I also tried the Laundry Detergent Eco-Sheets, but, unfortunately, I have to report that I’m not happy with it. It doesn’t clean kids’ muddy clothes at all, neither clothes washed on the sensitive cycle. Once I’m back from the summer break, I’ll most likely try the detergent from the zero-waste shop. I think the laundry detergent has been my biggest disappointment in June.
  • I’ve been shopping much more in the zero waste shops for dry goods than in the previous month. I’m hoping that this trend will continue, allowing us to expand the variety of grains we eat.

I’m happy to report that our waste production has gone down, especially the recyclable portion. Being conscious of packaging is paying off.


I still haven’t done my research into finding a new ethical bank, composting solution for our organic waste that would accommodate our living situation and filter for the washing machine. However, I’m hoping that I’ll have slightly more time to do that over the summer.


My aim hasn’t changed. I’m determined to leave as tiny environmental footprint as I humanly can. So, my kids and all the generations that come after will still be able to enjoy the beauty and generosity of Earth. I also want to teach my children that shopping zero waste and living an eco-minimalistic lifestyle is doable and possible, even on the budget and in the big city.

The next update on my Zero Waste Journey will be at the end of the summer after I get back from Poland, of course if we can travel. I want to see how little waste I can create while travelling.

Enjoy your summer as much as you can.

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